Behavior Change ProjectIdentify BehaviorIdentify a health related behavior that you would like to change. Examples of behaviors include but are not limited to: physical activity level, diet, sleep habits, or stress management.Behavior Change Summary (Written Response)Once you have identified a behavior that you would like to change, develop a plan, and begin to implement that plan. Your written response should be at least 500 words, typed in 12-point font, and double-spaced. In your response, be sure to address the following:Describe the behavior you plan to change. Why did you choose this particular behavior? What are both the pros and cons of making this behavior change?Outline your plan for change. First set SMART goals (at least 3) and then describe the steps you will take to reach your behavior change goals.After implementing your plan for at least 2 weeks, describe the results of the behavior change. You may have not reached your long-term goals after this short amount of time, but how did implementing the change impact your daily life? What barriers did you face that you weren’t expecting and what did you do to overcome them?Journal Entries for Behavior ProjectAll entries should be datedAll journal entries should consist of 3 complete compound sentencesAll journal entries should pertain to the behavior you’re attempting to modifyA minimum of 14 journal entries is required.
Behavior Change Project Identify Behavior Identify a health related behavior that you would like to change. Examples of behaviors include but are not limited to: physical activity level, diet, slee
Behavior Project Jerry the Muscle Head June 29, 2012 PHED 1164- 2001 1 credit class T-123 Brookhaven Campus Monday-Friday 9:40 a.m. – 11:40 a.m. Instructor: Greg Hernandez Project Summary When I signed up for the PHED 1164-2001 class, my first thoughts were “Oh, this class is going to be a breeze, I can just get an easy A without trying.” But from the first day of class, those thought went down the drain. But I never knew that this class can be so helpful to me in so many different ways. For example, from the first week of class, I’ve already learned to exhale during exertion, and this had helped me with my breathing pattern. Another example would be the use of steroid, I am the type of person that is obvious to the drug that circulate in this world, by being in this PHED class, I’ve watched show about people who had consequences and the videos has also strengthen my beliefs against drug and their use. Something that I will take with me into my everyday eating habit is the way the food companies are processing their meat and the way they fertilize the vegetable. I’ve heard that the way farmers are fertilizing their vegetable are unhealthy and is also unnatural, but I’ve never knew that it was to this extent. I blamed the farmer for the unhealthy food we have today because they wanted to make the money, I have learned there is more behind the veil than the food company will let the consumers knows. When Mr. Hernandez told us that we needed to write down five things we want to improve on, many things rushed into my brain. But the one thing that I know I really need to improve on was my daily intake of water. In my every day diet, I know that I do not eat enough vegetable or fruits to increase my water intake and that have also been worrying my family. And so I have decided to make drinking more water as my goal. From the first week that I began to make drink more water as my goal, I knew that I was going to have a hard time. I was not the type of person that brings around a bottle of water with me, and I’ve never tried to pay attention to the things I drink or eat. And no keeping in mind to always drink water was the hardest thing for me. But I knew that I wanted to improve for my own health. Throughout this lesson, I searched up the reason that water was good for the human being is because it helps us to be hydrated, and I also learned that if your body has enough water, your body feels healthier and more refresh. With my research, I’ve learned that water can help a person to feel healthier, skin more smooth and softer, and also helps with many systems within the body that I never knew about. Thanks to this project I learn that drinking water can be hard to keep up with, but after a while it seems like a natural thing to do when choosing water over a bottle of Gatorade. Throughout this project I had a hard time in choosing water over every other type of drinks, but after these couples of week, I’ve improve to choosing water rather than some type of soft drink. This has helped me to save more money when I go out to dinner once in a while, and I’ve also realize that I began to eat less fast food now. By being in your class, I’ve learn so many things, like how the use of drugs especially steroid can really damage a person health and body. You also showed me the story behind the food company and revealed to me about how farmer drown in debts because of all these food companies. And because of you, I have become more aware of what I eat and where I should be eating to be healthier rather than eating fast food and junk food like chips all the time. This class has been an amazing experience for me. Journal Entries June 14, 2012 Today I had a really tight schedule from school and running to work immediately. During the day I did drink half a bottle of water, but that was all I drank the whole day. At night I realized that I did not drank as much water as I wanted to and so a couple of hours before I went to bed, I drank about 2 bottle of water. And I regretted doing that because I had to wake up in the middle of the night a couple of times to use the bathroom. I’ve learn my lesson of not rushing to drink water, especially when it’s near my bed time. June 16, 2012 I was working again today. At my work place, there are many choices of drinks, for example, sprite, coke and etc… but there are many water bottle within the fridge also. As I was looking at the many choices of sodas, I remembered that my project should be my top priority, and with that in mind, I decided to grab the many water bottle rather than the soft drinks. Even though I did not drink much water today, but I am proud of myself for choosing a fresh cool bottle of water over the unhealthy beverages that reside within the fridge. June 17, 2012 Today is Father’s day and I knew that my family was going to travel to Garland that afternoon. Throughout the whole day, because of my hyper energy, I was not able to eat as I usually do to help save stomach for the feast later on during the day. And so because of my hunger I decided to use water as a substitute for food, I drank about two bottle of water today. In the afternoon when I was in Garland, against my better judgment I decided to drink coke that was laying around rather than using my energy and walk to get myself some water. June 18,2012 Today my thoughts were occupied with what I should be bringing to my 2 days trip. Throughout the day, I did not drink as much water as I wanted to, the time in between of my packing, I was able to squeeze in a couple of mouthful of water. I would say that during the day I drank about half a bottle of water, and a couples of hours before I went to bed, I was about to keep a bottle of water by my side, and before I knew it, I went to bed with an empty bottle. I can’t believe that just by keeping a bottle of water by my side that I would drink it without even thinking about it. June 19, 2012 On the drive to my two days orientation, I bought a bottle of Snapple strawberry kiwi even though I knew that drinking water is healthier for a 3 hours drive. But because I haven’t had my share of Snapple these days, so then I decided I wanted to have something nice on the trip. Into the second hour of my drive, I regretted not bring along a bottle of water because the bottle of Snapple was making me thirstier than relieving my thirst. During my orientation, water bottles were passed around, and during my tour of the university, I drank two bottle of water in an easy pace. June 20, 2012 I knew how a three hours long drive felt like, and so before I began my way back home, I went into a groceries store to buy a bottle of water hoping to last me throughout the drive. Because of the cold water, I was able to stay awake during the three hours’ drive back. After my drive home, I went out with couples of friends to eat and everyone else chose to drink some types of soft drink, while I on the other hand chose to drink water. Even though I felt like an outcast but I knew that water was healthier for my body than all those other beverages. I would estimate that I drank around 2 bottle of water today. June 21, 2012 In Carrollton, there is this nice place that’s called Fruitealicious. This place is one of my favorite places and it is also one of the most popular places in the town. My cousin who could not drive decided that we should go to fruitealicious, and then the strawberry smoothies with lychee jelly came to mind, I then decided that I was craving for that drink. But once I stepped foot into this place, I remembered how much sugar was placed into the drink. And once I came home, I went straight to the get a water bottle, and it made me felt so much fresher. I felt sad that I missed out on my favorite drink but I was also proud of myself for choosing to drink the healthy drink rather than this delicious strawberry lychee jelly. June 22, 2012 Today right after your class, I had to run to work immediately. I work in a restaurant and we are allowed to use their liquid machine to your liking. Instead of choosing other types of drink, I chose water instead. I find myself choosing water over other type of beverages, and it has become so much easier for me. Well technically I chewed on ice cubes; I hope that still counts as water intake. I did drink some of the water that melted from the ice cube. June 23, 2012 Today I had to go up to my aunt and help her with her job, and right afterward I had to run to church because my cousin wedding was tomorrow and so I will not be able to attend my normal Church time every Sunday. Because of my hectic schedule of running around, I was not able to drink as much water as I would like. But I did bring a water bottle with me during the day. When I went into church, I accidentally left my water bottle in the car, even though I heard that drinking warm water that was in a bottle is not good for oneself but because of my thirst, I still drank it. I hope that it’s not too bad for my system or anything because I tend to do this a lot. June 24, 2012 I had to wake up at 4 today and in my normal every day routine the first thing I would do was to go into the kitchen and got a cup of cold ice water. That cup of water helped me become more awake and alert. Today is my cousin wedding and I am the second bride maids, I have heard that wedding are tiring but I never knew that it was this tiring. Just to let you know, during the whole wedding time, I only drank water to feel more refresh and happy the whole day. I do feel sad that because of my schedule being occupied the whole day, I was not able to drink a lot of clear fresh water. The most I drank today would be a bottle of water. June 25, 2012 Today I was really tire, and water did not help me to go through the day at all. I was dead tire from sleeping late and waking up a lot earlier than I normally do. I drank three bottles of waters just to keep myself awake throughout the day. Rarely do I choose to drink coffee to help me stay awake is because of my dislike for the taste of coffee. Tonight was the first night that I thought about bringing water into my room so that I can have an easy access to the water that I needed. Every other night, I’ve always went out of my water to get water, and maybe that was the reason why I would drink less water than how I wanted to. Tonight I drank a bottle of water before I went to sleep. June 26, 2012 Today we watched videos in class about these muscular people who has such a strong will power to achieve their goals, and these videos helped me to learn about my own will power and goals. Even though drinking more water is not a large goal that everyone would appreciate, but to me it is a something that I can do to work my way up the latter of success. With these thoughts in mind, I was able to drink water the whole day. I drank three bottles of water in the morning and two more during the night. I felt proud of myself that I keep to my goal. June 27, 2012 Every since yesterday, I’ve started to carry a water bottle around with me. Today I drank four bottles of water total, and I’ve noticed that when I drink water, I tend to feel more full and satisfied with my foods. I now find myself drinking more water than before, and I don’t even need to think about it. Like today, I drank a whole bottle of water in one go, people thought I was really thirsty, but to tell you the truth, it was so nice to gulp down a nice cool bottle of water. I think I drank around five bottles of water today, and that is such an improvement from when this project started. June 28, 2012 Today we did the measurement and I was so happy to find out that in a couple of weeks I was able to lose one number on my waist and also lost in other body parts too. Because of drinking water, I did not feel as hungry as I use to, and it’s amazing of how I saw the improvement through this report from every single day. Today I just naturally drank another five bottles of water, and I’m not sure it’s my imagination, but I feel like my skin has become softer and clearer. I feel more energetic these days, and thanks to this project, I just took my first step to making more achievement.

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