Question 22 Annual rainfall rates in a desert are less than _______________ 18″ 10″ 5″ 2’Question 23 Which inland sea has nearly dried up as a result of human induced desertification?  Aral Sea Black Sea Dead Sea Hudson BayQuestion 24  Desert pavement is produced when __________________.  there is not enough rain for plants to grow the wind blows away silt and clay, leaving only the coarser material rattlesnakes move coarse material aside when digging their holes local paving companies have completed a desert roadQuestion 25 There are several benefits of solar energy. Which is one of the most important benefits of using solar energy? It helps prevent heat waves, as the solar panels absorb large amounts of heat. Solar energy systems do not produce air pollutants or carbon dioxide. Unlike wind or coal power, solar energy can be utilized equally in every state. The installation cost of solar panels is negligible compared to the amount of energy they produceQuestion 26 Oil and natural gas are found in which of the common rock types?(hint, the rocks must be porous) igneous sedimentary metamorphic all rock typesQuestion 27 In the United States of America,___________ is the number one producer of crude oil.____________ is the number one producer of natural gas. California, Texas Texas, Texas Oklahoma, Texas Oklahoma, Wyoming North Dakota, OklahomaQuestion 28 Which of the following statements are true about geothermal energy?A. Geothermal energy can help to generate electricity. This geothermal heat produces stream. The steam is then used to drive a turbine, which generates electricity.B. The major regions of geothermal developments are in the most volcanically and tectonically active regions of the world.C. Geothermal energy is quite unreliable and inconsistent for power generation, as the geothermal energy supply may be exhausted rapidly. A supply can last from 6 months to over 30 years.  A and C A and B A , B and CB and CQuestion 29 Nuclear power is produced by splitting _________ atoms. The heat from the chain reaction that follows then boils water, which powers turbines that generate ___________.  A. Carbon ; B. rain A. Diamond ; B. thermal powerA. Uranium; B. electricity A. hydrogen; B. atomic bombs.Question 30  ___________________ crude oil serves as a benchmark for crude oil pricing in North America  Arabian Standard (ASC) West Texas Intermediate (WTI) Venezuela Standard PensylvaniaQuestion 31  What is the most important thing you must have to generate wind power?  a steady source of wind lots of hurricanes large sails a large area of landQuestion 32 Regarding gas hydrates, which of the following statements are correct?A. Gas hydrates are composed of methane enclosed in frozen water.B. Gas hydrates form under low pressure and low temperature conditions.C. Gas hydrates are found near the ocean floor and beneath Arctic permafrost. A and B B and C A and C B and C A, B and CQuestion 33 1 pts Hydroelectric power produces _____________ percentage of US energy needs?  17.5 % 10% 1 % 5 %Question 34  Which of the following is NOT a common Oil and Gas Trap? Anticlinal Fault StratigraphicSealingQuestion 35  Nonrenewable resources are classified as such because they _____________?  are very hard to find take millions to years to form into significant deposits are so expensive that we cannot use them over and over are found only in countries that do not allow miningQuestion 36 In the US, there has been an exponential increase in solar electricity production since the year 2010. Which of the following statements are correct?A. Solar energy production was approximately 500 Million Kilowatt -hours /month in the year 2010B. Solar energy production was approximately 35,000 Million Kilowatt -hours /month in the year 2016C. The solar energy production has increased by approximately 70 times from 2010 to 2016.  A and C A and B A , B and C None of the above.

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