Select any living business person you wish to meet and interview. Prepare a short bio of this person. Explain why this person is interesting and merits your attention. Why might this person be a mentor to you. Prepare 5 questions which will challenge the business person and create a bond with the questioner. Do not cut and paste from social media! This must be personal to you. HINT: Never ask question where the information is readily available. Shows laziness… and will be penalized.
Select any living business person you wish to meet and interview. Prepare a short bio of this person. Explain why this person is interesting and merits your attention. Why might this person be a mento
Curiosity Exercise October 23, 2021 Student Fall ‘21 BUSM49001D 991517572 The person I wish to pick for my curiosity assignment is Malgorzata (Malgosia) M_____. She’s a corporate buyer for Starsky and I worked as a supervisor under her for about a year. She’s Polish, came to Canada and works as a corporate grocery buyer for all Starsky locations. My partner is also Polish, and he got me a job as a clerk in October of 2018. The position was at the location that is the main operations location for Starsky corporate workers, so I would continuously see Malgosia interacting with employees and higher-ups on almost a daily basis. I was inspired by her as someone who wants to work in the business world and watching her excel in it. People are intimidated by her, and she can hold her own in a male-dominated field. I looked up to her and worked somewhat closely with her for a year before leaving for school and then starting a job at Farmboy. I was always pretty shy, and she gave me the promotion of Supervisor and listened to my opinions readily. Something I really admired in her was her ability to listen to my opinion and care what I had to say. For example, what I thought of products certain suppliers were trying to bring in, if the specific section of grocery had enough room to bring in a selection of products or what display I thought should built where and why etc. She really drove my passion by seeing potential in me and promoting me at a young age (21). She also wasn’t afraid to tell me any harsh truths of what I needed to do in certain situations. For example, if a supplier was trying to take advantage of me based on commission sales or did not want to check the back to cross off any product that we may have added but needed to reduce from the list. She also helped me be more outgoing in the field, telling me to do small things to improve myself. For example, saying good morning and hello using their names to everyone you see, and then hello periodically throughout the shift as you see them. This small interaction, though difficult for me at the time was small enough to help me become more outgoing and comfortable and break out of my shell in the workplace. The first question I would ask her is how she manages and remains confident in a male dominated field. Personally, working with suppliers and other coworkers closely in the past there are people who have been in the industry a longer amount of time that can talk down to you because of gender or age. As someone who is a woman in the same field and has probably had to deal with this before, I would want to know her answer. This question is derived from David Kelly’s confidence video, as he discusses how people have to manage their fear of judgment and getting negative feedback. Elizabeth Gilbert also discusses the fear of failure and the pressures received from success. I can imagine Malgosia being in a corporate job has had to deal with a lot of pressures and fear of failures of her own and I would benefit a lot from hearing her point of view. The second question I would ask is who has inspired her and motivated her to develop her own career in business. This is based on Brian Grazer’s curiosity conversations and Simon Sinek’s getting to the why video. I feel like in this question Grazer comes to mind because I’m more interested in her as a person and learning from her, studying her, understanding her processes, and having her teach me her reasons for success. Sinek also comes to mind because it’s aimed on getting to the why of the conversation, I want an emotional response from her and maybe from this I would be able to find more motivation for my own successes. She is someone personally who trained and motivated me, so it would be helpful to know what makes her strive to do better and be better in the world of business. The third question is what her decision process looks like and how she manages to make big picture decisions for the business. This came to mind when looing at Adam Grant’s brainstorming vs brainwriting video and Laura McLure’s article on How to lead a BrainStorm. Grant says that group think is actually not very useful for a number of reasons and that brainwriting is actually something that can allow for more creative ideas to flow. I’m curious if someone like Malgosia, who actually has practice in the business p[lace thinks of brainstorming/writing lists, and brainwriting compared to brain storming. As Laura thinks there are successful ways to implement brainstorming that can lead to creative successes. Furthermore, I’ve known her to be someone to ask ideas one on one, or with only a few people, rather than in a group setting so I am really curious how she makes these kinds of decisions. Marily Oppezzo also comes to mind for this question, and it makes me think whether Malgosia’s decision processes, whether her processes are involving walking around or sitting behind a desk or whether they can come to her through activity. This could help me understand and edit my processes in the future to try similar things and see if I notice a difference. The fourth question would be asking her what business processes and changes she wants to make to the business but hasn’t been able to and why she hasn’t tried/couldn’t implement those ideas. I feel like the struggle of being in a position where you see functions not working can cause a lot of negative emotions, especially if you think you have solutions. She is a very smart women and I know she sees certain aspects that can be improved, we’ve had conversations about things in the past as well in passing. This was derived from thinking of Simon Andrejev, in which sometimes ideas and decisions you figure out don’t work, and have to scrap the whole idea, or how some ideas are difficult to implement, where others are months in progress. This also is a way to remain motivated while being in a field that you may have innovation for but you can’t necessarily implement your ideas because its not just your business. As well as taking away ideas that I could learn for future business processes or changes to consider in my own career. Elizabeth Gilbert comes to mind in that sometimes those with great ideas can cause depression, perhaps because they aren’t recognized at the time. I’m curious if she has ever had this experience. Finally, the last question I would want to ask her how she manages working in a field that has so many politics. This could involve her decompression process or what she does throughout the day if she feels overwhelmed. If she knows something is being done wrong because of the politics and how she doesn’t let it affect her, or maybe it does, and she actually doesn’t know how to deal with it. As someone who is moving up in companies, and who wants to move higher in the future I have very little patience for work politics, and I know it is one of my weak suits. I want to be able to just be straight-forward and no nonsense and sometimes that doesn’t work. Getting pointers or help for this would be very useful. Inspiration for this question came more from Steven Wikes and focusing on the bigger pictures. Something I have trouble with and I thought about in what aspect this could relate to my business degree. In this aspect, I have trouble within the politics of business. Then there’s always David Kelley who is in the back of mind with his analysis on negative re-enforcement, and I think in many politic situations these negative experiences can cause low morale and disgruntled work situations. I often wonder how to deal with these situations and how to prevent myself from getting affected in the future. I don’t think Malgosia is aware of the affect she had on me, and I did end up becoming a grocery manager at Farm Boy because of her. If I had the time to sit down and talk to her, I would ask those questions and I would tell her thank you for taking a chance on me and for seeing potential. When I left Starsky there was a lot of hard emotions for me because I was starting school and the work environment had begun taking a toll, but I never regretted the opportunity to work with such a powerful businesswoman.

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